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With over 20 years of experience, I've worked at many world-leading agencies. I started my career at The Mill where I went from a runner to lead Flame Artist in 4 years and worked on many award-winning commercials and music videos with some of the biggest names in the industry including Frank Budgen, Chris Cunningham and Rupert Sanders. In 2004 I was nominated for an MTV VMA for my work on Michel Gondry's Walkie Talkie Man video. In 2006 I joined Mass Market / Psyop New York where I continued to work on award winning projects such as Nike Human Chain (Clio, Cannes Lion) and Audi Synchronized (Clio). In 2012 I moved to Method Studios in LA. I then spent 8 years freelancing with all of the best post-production and visual effects companies including Framestore and MPC. This has also allowed me to explore other avenues outside of advertising, most notably focusing on time lapse photography.

Time lapse photography began as an interest to capture the seasons as a whole. The ever-changing colours of Fall and the flowering birth of Spring started as personal projects where I wanted to showcase New York City. Early on, I recognized that by combining my skills as a Visual Effects Artist, I was uniquely able to create and capture moments in nature that you can't do with photography alone. Throughout the years, I have mainly created pieces as my own personal hobby but after receiving recognition for Fall and Spring, time lapse photography has led me to projects for some of the world's most recognised brands and companies, including Chanel, Florence & The Machines, and Target to name a few.

I studied Media Production at Bournemouth University and majored in 3D animation.

Jamie Scott

Radeon Creators Jamie Scott creating time-lapse

Radeon Creators

This is a brand sponsored film about how I make my time-lapse.

Spring Film airing in Times Square as part of the Times Square Alliance's Midnight Moments

 Midnight Moment

To celebrate the commencement of Spring in New York City,
Spring was selected by Times Square Arts in partnership
with Vimeo Staff Picks.

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